Japanese Hospitality Young Hostess Edition (2020)

Genre: Semi
Kualitas: Tahun: Dilihat: 3.442 views

Melody is married to a Japanese husband and they both manage an Inn at a hot spring. However, the business is struggling badly and the husband comes with the idea of using Melody as bait to lure customers, in order to save the business and the marriage. Things get out of hand very quickly and he ends up pimping the wife big time. Melody did a fantastic job in this movie, she was very sexy and very expressive without overdoing, I mean, she was expressive but not going cartoony, and that’s a good thing. Somehow, this movie felt like a perfect combo of JAV western porn. Especially remarkable was that the final scene, where she delivered an all-out effort and the sex scene was so epic and sexy. Overall, this was a very fun to watch movie with above-average sex-scenes, plus catapulted Melody Hina marks straight to the top of the JAV actress foodchain. Gotta love it.


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