I Love My Man (2019)

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Among the three sisters, Yuki is hurting each time with a strange love. Katsuko, her eldest daughter, is a self-proclaimed romanticist who comforts her. Those who have different sex scenes give each other pain while they are hitting each other. The youngest Tamami refuses reality and does not come out of the room, Thanks to Yuki who carefully cares, she takes courage and prepares to go out to the world. On the other hand, Yuki who likes Mitsuru who is a workplace senior pushes up Katsuko’s advice also tries to approach it slowly. Then one day after dinner, Mitsuru who was drunk and was sleeping Between the time Yuki and Katsuko came to the house, Mitsuru wakes up and goes to Tamami’s room with his clothes off. Katsuko and Tamami in front of Yuki who burns the inside with wrong imagination, And Mitsuru appears with a surprise. In fact Mitsuru already knew Yuki’s heart and pretended to sleep, Katsuko and Tamami, who realized this, joined with Mitsuru and planned for Yuki. So Yuki makes the love she wanted with the help of her sister.


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