A Good Girl (2018)

Genre: Semi
Kualitas: Tahun: Dilihat: 2.450 views

A secret lesson between the body of a good girl and the father of an old studentNami who became a body unable to go through divorce. On the phone of the old disciples Rina, She confesses her situation hard, and she will take care of her at Rina’s house. Lina, who married her father,I am happy to welcome Nami who has taken care of herself like a daughter during her time as a student. A few days later, Rina and his father Jinta emptied the house for a few days because of the mother’s anniversary. Kaito remains at home on company business. Nami went out to find a new job Kaito is not satisfied with his company I hear the call of the plan to take out the company’s funds, but I get caught up in Kaito. Kaito is forced to strip Nami ‘s clothes, take naked pictures, threaten him, and open his seat. Nami is worried about Kaito’s plan and the fact that she is confessed to Jita. In the betrayal of her husband, she leaves abroad for a change of mood, leaving only Nami and Jinta. Nami feels guilty and sympathetic to Jinta ‘s struggling appearance, and she taps on Jinta’ s visit.

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